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  1. amanda - i'm sure that would be cool contact murray on muzzakeir79@hotmail.com unfotunately i'm nae going to be there as seeing the boosh in glasgow, i'm just drumming up some support. Indie King - nae idea, give murray a shout on the above email. Cheers Rob
  2. They happened to be the band playing in aberdeen that night and we asked them on the off chance.......they said aye. Anyone got into contact with murray yet ??(
  3. No one is being paid cloud No money is being paid to anyone, it's a genuine event to raise money for Linnmoor School. I was hoping for a positive response and i hope some people have e-mailed murray regarding performing as i genuinely feel this would be a great oppurtunuty to promote yourself or band. As a Linnmoor employee i would like to stress that the school provides an excellent service and deserves support from the local community. We can't afford to pay people to collect money for us........ PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THIS WORTHY CAUSE, WE NEED IT.
  4. Please boys, i ken dodgy isnae abodys cup o tea but it's for a very very good cause. Show your support and give murray an e-mail if yer interested in participating. Posters appearing round aberdeen publicising this event. Cheers Rob
  5. This would be an ideal oppurtunity to promote your self or band in the city centre of Aberdeen and lend your support to a local charity. The event will coincide with the aberdeen market on Belmont Street on the 29th Novemember and will run from 1000-1700. Guest stars still to be confirmed SHOULD BE Dodgy. Please contact Murray Keir on muzzakeir@hotmail.com if your interested in playing or are willing to lend a hand. All your help and support would be greatly appreciated. Below is a link to the school you would be raising money for Linn Moor School - VSA
  6. Viva la dangerfields, tight as fuck ! eughhhhhhhhhhh
  7. ptpt that bitch was blobbys whore, things got messy mind you, tom nearly took yer mas eye out with his whanger.(it's like a snake bititing a hedgehog)
  8. Does anyone else miss mr blobby? comedy genius!! A jazzy woodbine and a blobby video, you'll be sore with laughter!
  9. the solution make them all wear mr blobby suits that can't be removed and watch the carnage!
  10. here are some quality viz top tips for everyone to share ! FOOL everyone into thinking you have just eaten an apple by rubbing your tummy and saying loudly "Mmm! That was a lovely apple WORRIED that your teeth will be stained after a heavy night drinking red wine? Simply drink a bottle of white wine before going to bed to remove the stains. BURGLARS. When fleeing from the police, run with your right arm sticking out at 90?, wrapped in a baby mattress in case they set one of their dogs on you. CINEMA goers. Please have consideration for pirate DVD viewers by having a piss before the film starts. SMOKERS. 'Every cigarette you smoke takes 10 seconds off your life', health experts say. To combat this, at the end of every day work out how many seconds you have 'lost', and simply go to bed that much later, or wake up that much earlier the next morning. Hey presto! your lost time is returned. DISCARDED PALLETS make ideal 'designer futons' for style-conscious tramps. FELLAS Pretend that you are TV's Anthony McPartlin out of Ant and Dec, by looking at yourself in the back of a spoon. SPOOK owners of cars with tinted windows. Upon seeing one driving past, wink conspiratorially and touch your nose DON'T waste money on expensive ipods. Simply think of your favourite tune and hum it. If you want to "switch tracks", simply think of another song you like and hum that instead GAMBLERS. For a new gambling opportunity, try sending a 50 to yourself by Royal Mail. ATTENTION shandy drinkers. I've found that mixing Kaliber and Hooch makes a fantastic 'reverse shandy'.
  11. when you do a jobby and no wiping is required. I'm sure the viz dictionary holds the correct name, anyone know?
  12. Therapy? - Gemil/Time To Die - XL - Green Vandals - Logo + Large Back Print - Circa 97 - Slightly Faded Light Green - XL 5 for both yes the two young men bidding for these tees are skinny wee loons, leave them for the fattys ps you'll be boo hoo'd hahahahaha
  13. bevy a few pints of the lovely cider at the moorings, followed by jager and red bull, lovely stuff
  14. party animals, what an album, what an opening track, genius!
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