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Adam Easy Wishes

10 Easy Wishes - T-Break Heats - Glasgow - FREE Tickets

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There are so many forums nowadays I have no idea where this is supposed to go. If there's a problem with where it is, people who can, can move it.

10 EASY WISHES lose their T-Break virginity this Sunday (11th May) at KING TUT'S in Glasgow.

Miss The Occupier, Penny Blacks, The Cuts, The Fire & I, Woodenbox With a Fist Full of Fivers and ourselves make up the heat which will maybe see us play the T-Break stage at T in the Park this year. Then I hear we'll be able to 'make it big'.

For those of you who wish to attend the gig, either by travelling to see us or more likely if you reside in or around Glasgow, we have FREE TICKETS to give you, which would otherwise set you back five British pounds.

If nothing else, the night should be good because the quality of bands playing is very high. If you're at a loose end and fancy coming along we would appreciate it lots. You can sort yourself out with one of these FREE TICKETS, in the following manner:

1- Message us on MySpace before Sunday morning.

2- Give me a ring or a text on 07534967411 at any time up until 7pm on Sunday.

Like I say, we'd appreciate the support.

Lots of love,

10 Easy Wishes


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