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Miscellaneous Small Stringed Instruments

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Clearing out my small stringed instrument collection, because the number of instruments I own far outweighs my skill! Also, an effects pedal for sale. My digital camera is arsed, so I've tracked down some pics from the World Wide Web.

- Mandolin/Lute type instrument, unbranded, sort of bowl back design. I quite like playing it, needs a new set of strings though. Perfect for the man who has everything. Comes with canvasy soft case - 25 o.n.o


Not exactly like this one, but that sort of idea

- Possibly my 70's Ibanez Mandolin, depending on interest. It doesn't have a serial number because its' one of the cheaper models, but it has a sweet tone. Sunburst finish. Comes with tasteful yellow fur-lined hardcase. Offers.


Very mildy looks like this

- Keech Banjulele, again depending on interest. Original case and capo included. I love this, so it'd need to be a good offer...


- Zoom A2 Acoustic Multi-effects Pedal, boxed, mint condition - 40 o.n.o


Exactly like this

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Any idea the model of the Ibanez? Country of origin?

Hard to offer with no info....


Haha, sorry about that. It's made it Japan, no idea of the model...

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