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The Ghost Of Fudge

[GIG] Devil Train + Clear Blue Skies + The Dirty Youth + Flaming Katy

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MySpace.com - Deviltrain - Aberdeen, UK - Roots Music / Folk Rock / Acoustic - MySpace.com - Deviltrain - Aberdeen, UK - Roots Music / Folk Rock / Acoustic - www.myspace.com/detrendiablo

"Like four ugly gunslinging bastards dressed like Johnny Cash playing Pogues type songs in a Proclaimers accent..." - Rodger Atkins, journalist.

Fed up of the sad proliferation of bands playing covers, the founder members of Deviltrain wanted to do something a little different! Taking inspiration from a number of idols, icons and genres, the task was therefore set to write original and deliver material with a North East of Scotland twist. There was born the title of Stomping Scottish Outlaw Music. It is fitting with ancestral links to the early settlers of what is now known as the United States of America and the Underground Railway (essentially setting the roots to blues and country music) Deviltrain throw together a mix of vibrant tunes described by many as a clash of Cash, Hank and the Proclaimers and other Celtic and Country bampots.

MySpace.com - Clear Blue Skies - Northumberland, UK - Rock / Grunge / Acoustic - MySpace.com - Clear Blue Skies - Northumberland, UK - Rock / Grunge / Acoustic - www.myspace.com/clearblueskies

Clear Blue Skies are a UK touring band from the North East of England. They play rock music with a hint of country and a twist of grunge. They are learning as they go (things like: coffee is 40p cheaper up North when on tour), the band work harder than ever to reach all the people calling for them around the country. They are now run and driven by the best, themselves.

Playing with many bands, known and unknown, playing with heroes, meeting inspirational people all the time, playing for Channel Four, E4 and radio... they keep busy....

MySpace.com - THE DIRTY YOUTH FAN SITE !! - S.Wales, UK - Rock / Rock / Rock - MySpace.com - THE DIRTY YOUTH FAN SITE !! - S.Wales, UK - Rock / Rock / Rock - www.myspace.com/thedirtyyouthfans

Choose Rock. Choose not to work. Choose the underworld. Choose a Band. Choose a fucking big overdraft from getting to gigs, Choose tuning pedals, vans, Mp3 players and cheap food. Choose Planet Loud, Choose Ed Stone, Choose Festivals, Low monitor mixes, No instrument insurance. Choose semi repaired mic leads that never work. Choose a support slot for a shity band that are 1/2 as good as you after 12 pints. Choose your myspace friends. Choose tight jeans and matching Accessories. Choose a studio on hire purchase with a range of fucking payment options. Choose a massive rider and wondering who the fuck you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching MTV videos of average bands and spirit-crushing reality shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, As long as people listen to your music.

Choose your future. Choose The Dirty Youth.

MySpace.com - Flaming Katy - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Powerpop - MySpace.com - Flaming Katy - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Powerpop - www.myspace.com/flamingkaty

Drawing on a diverse range of influences - The Band, Queens of the Stone Age, Neil Young, ACDC, Teenage Fanclub, Kings of Leon, Weezer and Rush FK have honed their collaborative song-writing skills around a strong focus on melody, harmony, energy and riffing; and although essentially a guitar rock band, FK have created their own distinctive sound that is hard to compare to one single band or influence.


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