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[GIG] Cuddly Shark + Kill The Captains + Onion Terror @ Cafe Drummonds

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Armellodie & Cafe Drummonds Present...


Cuddly Shark is a do-it-yourself, plug in and play Rock McCombo. Idiosyncratic lyricism and odd anti-melodies combined with foot down pedal-to-the-metal performances.

Forming in early 2006 the band consists of two boys and one girl, Callin' Colin on guitar and vocals, Jables Sexual on drums and Hoofbert on bass guitar. Born and bred in the bonnie highlands of Scotland the band found themselves magnetically drawn to the rain-soaked musical hotspot that is Glasgow to hone their sound. Things seemed to twitter along very quickly and Cuddly Shark found themselves with a bunch of songs with winning names like The Punisher of IV30, referring to the Elgin post-code where the band members grew up and if pushed could tell you a horror story or two!

Cuddly Shark will never have an ounce of pretentious hip fat on them and their live shows have seen favourable comparisons made to Husker Du, Minor Threat, Ween, Fugazi and The Presidents of the USA.

Arty and angular, Cuddly Shark possess some sharp hooks and a dark post-punkintensity - like Birthday Party being thrown down some stairs with WireSubba-Cultcha

like what Young Knives would have sounded like if they had traded geekdom for good old fashioned fist fighting as children.

The Plastic Ashtray

like an ADD teen with a bottle of Sunny D in one hand and an AK47 in the other. Is This Music?

they have the punk strut of The Stooges, The Cure and The Cramps ... the musical expanse of Fugazi and the humour of early Roxy Music. Daily Record

a likeable, quirky diversion from the serious world of mass-market music.The Skinny


Kill the Captains came to be in 2006 as a rough-hewn psychedelic jam band, nasty by all accounts. However slowly but surely these four buxom comrades refined their drones into the energetic pop bullets on display here. These lean mean tunes are unique, and yet totally unforgiving for being steeped in the bands shared love of 1990s American Alternative music, Shoegaze and Krautrock.

Since forming, Kill the Captains have been relentlessly gigging in and around their native homeland and have such developed into a ferocious live act with a burgeoning reputation in Sheffield and beyond, they even host their own popular monthly club-night, Mutiny in the city. Favourable comparisons have been made to Sonic Youth, Animal Collective and Les Savy Fav to name but a few, and the band cite Pavement, My Bloody Valentine, Slint, Pere Ubu, Television, Can and Neu amongst their many influences so hopefully youll get the gist of what its all about and get onboard.

"Their debut EP shows that they have less in common with fellow Sheffield acts Arctic Monkeys or Long Blondes, but rather names from across the Atlantic such as Sonic Youth, but with an English twist. Opening track Bottom Lip is like hitching a ride with The Strokes after they've necked a truckload of psychotropic drugs, careering along majestically before taking several odd little melodic detours - thrilling and disturbing in equal measures."


Support comes from local favourites, ONION TERROR. Needing no introduction Onion Terror sound sleazy, dirty and foul and all the better for it. Raunchy Indie Pop wwith hooks galore...




*running order on the night will be Kill the Captains followed by Onion Terror followed by Cuddly Shark. Get doon early, don't dillydally!

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