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The Big Friendly Book Sale!!?


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will post, meet or you can collect them if you like, cheers

Scottish & Irish Non-fiction 2.50

Kelman, J. Some recent attacks: essays cultural and political

Garratt, F. Modern Irish Poetry- tradition and continuity from Yeats to Heaney

Kelly, A. Irvine Welsh- contemporary British novelists

Watson, G.J. Irish identity and the literary revival: Synge, Yeats, Joyce and O Casey

Norris & Flint: Introducing Joyce

Scottish & Irish Fiction 2

James Kelman. not not while the giro

Greyhound for breakfast

You have to be careful in the land of the free

How late it was, how late

The bus conductor hines

Lean tales: Kelman, owens, and Gray

A chancer

Where I was (1)

Alan Warner The Sopranos

These demented lands

Morvern Callar

The man who walks

Christopher Brookmyre- Quite ugly one morning

Not the end of the world

Country of the blind

Boiling a frog

The sacred art of stealing

A big boy did it and ran away

Muriel Spark - aiding and abetting

Ron Butlin- The sound of my voice (signed by author) 10

David Harrower- blackbird

A.L. Kennedy- indelible acts

John Banville- Birchwood

Martin McDonagh- the cripple of Irishman

B. Mclaverty- WORK: New Scottish writing collection

Joyce- collection: Dubliners, a portrait of the artist as a young man, ulysees

Andrew OHagan- Personality

John McGahern- creatures of the earth

Alan Spence- way to go

A. McCall Smith- the no.1 ladies detective agency

Seamus Heaney- the spirit level

Carol Ann Duffy- new selected poems, 1984-2004

Alasdair Gray- Lanark

Five letters from an Eastern Empire

A. McCall Smith; Ian Rankin; Irvine Welsh; J.K. Rowling- One city collection

Janice Galloway- Clara

Roddy Doyle- Paddy clarke ha ha ha

The woman who walked into doors

Ali Smith- the accidental

Lewis Grassic Gibbon- sunset song

Literature Textbooks & Collections 5

Milton- The Oxford Authors: A Critical Edition of the Major Works

V.S. Pritchett- The oxford book of short stories

The Penguin book of English Verse

British Literature 1640-1789: An anthology

J.C. Oates- The oxford book of American short stories


G.M. Pinciss- Why Shakespeare: an introduction to the playwrights art 3

Greenblatt et al: The Norton Shakespeare 8

Much ado about nothing 1

Alls well that ends well 1

M.C. Bradbrook- Shakespeare the craftsman: The Clark Lectures 1968 2

Oxford: Shakespeares collected works 2

Kyd: The Spanish Tragedy 2

Jonson: Vulpine 2

Linguistics 4 (mostly)

Leech & Short: Style in Fiction- a linguistic introduction to English fictional prose 2

E. Finegan- Language: its structure and use (4th ed.)

D. Abercrombie: Elements of General Phonetics 2

R.M. Millar- Language, Nation and Power

Ashby & Maidment: Introducing Phonetic Science

Fromkin & Redman: An introduction to language (5th ed.)

Philip Carr- English phonetics and phonology

Maher & Grover- Introducing Chomsky 2

Fowler- Modern English Usage

A. McMahon- An introduction to English Phonology

The oxford guide to the English language

B. Johnstone- Discourse Analysis

Arty Farty & Literary Criticism 2 (mostly)

B. Brecht- The Caucasian chalk circle 1

H. Pinter- The birthday Party 1

Marx- The revolutions of 1848- political writings volume I

Dostoevsky- Crime & Punishment

Tolstoy- War and Peace

Kafka- Metamorphosis & other stories

Marguerite Dumas- The lover

Sophocles- The three Theban plays

Dante- the divine comedy

Umberto Eco- Travels in hyper-reality

the name of the rose

Foucaults pendulum

Five moral pieces

Plato- Republic

J. Baudrillard- the system of objects

Allott- Novelists on the novel (contributions from fielding, rousseau, scott, Stevenson, conrad, james, hardy, dickens, trollope, dostoevsky, zola, flaubert etc etc)

D. Chandler- Semiotics: The basics

B. Daise- Kierkegaards socratic art

M. Watts- Kierkegaard

J.P. Sartre- What is Literature?

- Nausea

Deck and Coyle- Practical criticism

E.M. Forster- Aspects of the novel

Plato- The trial and death of Socrates

Nietzche- Beyond good and evil

The birth of tragedy

Fowler- Themes in life and literature

A.C.Grayling- Wittgenstein: a very short introduction

A. Schopenhauer- On the suffering of the world

G. Gutting- Foucault: a very short introduction

C. Kelly- Russian Literature- a very short introduction

L. Wittgenstein: Philosophical Invstigations

Aristotle- Poetics

Edward Said- Orientalism

Lionel Trilling- The liberal Imagination: essays on literature & society

M. De Montaigne- the essays: a collection

S. Freud- The uncanny

Foucault- the order of things

R. Lowe- fifty key literary theorists

Terry Eagleton- Literary Theory: an introduction

D. Daiches- A study of literature

S. Bassnett- Comparative literature: a critical introduction

Wimsatt & Brooks: Literary criticism: a short history

History Textbooks 1

Marwick et al: War & change in 20th century Europe

Golby et al: Between two wars

Cowper et al: World War I and its consequences

Emsley et al: World War II and its consequences

M. Pugh- a companion to Modern European History 1871-1945

Eric Hobsbawm- The Age of Revolution 1798-1848

Sociology Textbooks

K. Kumar- Prophecy and Progress- the sociology of industrial and post-industrial society 2

Macionis & Plummer- Sociology: a global introduction (2nd ed) 4

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Wow... you might want to put the textbooks on amazon, I'd imagine some of these will go for a bit more than 2

My flamate, who's selling the books, didn't seem to keen on that idea when I passed it on. I don't think he wants to go to that much trouble.

You could always buy the books and sell them on amazon for a little profit.

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