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New Strapping Young Lad cd/dvd


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Well...kind of. Its a greatest hits but with a video for "Almost Again"

This is not the actual video but it does play the song.


01. S.Y.L.

02. In The Rainy Season

03. Velvet Kevorkian

04. All Hail The New Flesh

05. Oh My Fucking God

06. Detox

07. Relentless

08. Rape Song

09. Aftermath

10. Imperial

11. Skeksis

12. Shitstorm

13. Love?

14. You Suck

15. Wrong Side

16. Almost Again

17. Satan's Ice Cream Truck


Live At The Download Festival In Donington, UK, 2006:

* Imperial

* Velvet Kevorkian

* All Hail the New Flesh

* Wrong Side

* Aftermath

* Love?

* Polyphony/The New Black

* In The Rainy Season

More Live Footage:

* S.Y.L. (Live At The Roxy In Hollywood, LA, 2001)

* Detox (Live At The Roxy In Hollywood, LA, 2001)

* Home Nucleonics (Live At The Commodore Ballroom In Vancouver, Canada, 2004)

* Love? (Live At The Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ, 2005)

* All Hail The New Flesh (Live At Zeche Carl In Essen, Germany, 2005)

* Skeksis (Live At The Flame Fest In Bologna, Italy, 2006)

Promo Videos:

* S.Y.L.

* Detox

* Relentless

* Love?

* Zen

* Wrong Side

* Almost Again

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