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Singer required


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Vocalist required for rock covers band.

Do you tick the following boxes...

Decent rock voice

Some experience of singing in public

A desire to entertain and the ability to get the attention of a pub audience

Are you mature, (over 30) reliable, not fat and repulsive (I have that covered)

Able to comit to some rehersal time putting a set together and willing to play gigs once or twice a month.

Do you have a sense of humour...this is as much about our enjoyment and having a laugh as anything else.

Whats already in place...





PM if genuinly interested.

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Do you have a friend or relative who sings, did your Dad/uncle/neighbour/family friend used to sing in a band...?...do they still fancy themselves as the bees knees when the kareoke machine comes out at christmas...?...have you passed any tramps drunkenly singing to themselves and thought..."he sounds just like Phil Lynnot"...?...put them in touch.

There will be a reward for any good leads...in the form of beer...o_O

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fit like graeme? its paul, i forgot to drop you my mobile number when i was emailing from angola. thats me back in aberdeen and ready to meet you guys when your up for it?

Oooooh - that's kinda weird, I'm Paul and I'm just back from Angola (cue Twilight Zone theme).

What are the odds Graeme?

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