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[GIG] Radioskool Special @ Snafu

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Hello space Skoolers,

As the Triptych festival returns to Aberdeen a new dawn of time as been created for one night only that is.

It is time to go beyond the realms of modern day attire to join A'La Fu and the ever growing kidProquo for a Snafu Birthday Special.

April the 18th will be the new moon for kPq as he turns a ripe orbital 30 light years.

RadioSkool brings you celebrations on this clear night in the form of a 'Barbarella' theme evening. That's right, it's all about 60's space age hot pants, cat suits, loin cloths and angel wings. Lot's of shiny silver and shimmering PVC is the necessity to party.

You won't feel out of place when entering the Snafu spaceship as your outfit will blend perfectly with retro shine dcor and 60's trim.

For those who don't know Barbarella, here's a brief description:


Look out for free invites flying your way too hip cats.


Barbarella Theme/Fancy Dress

kidProquo 30th Birthday Special

18th April 2008

10pm - 3am

Click for Flyer






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One more day left to get your space suits on.

There's lots of people making the effort for this one. Look forward to seeing you all getting down.

Let's get swinging baby!.

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