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Hartke 3500 bass head

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Its a couple of years old so the Hartke badge on the front panel is smalle than on the new ones (looks far better imho).

In its price range probably the best bass amp on the market. It has all the usual gizmos; built in compressor, 10 band graphic e.q. , hi and lo pass filters etc; etc;

Its rated at 350w which means that into an 8 ohm cabinet it will produce 240w.

Its in excellent condition having only been used at a handful of gigs and in my home studio.

170 o.n.o.

I also have a bass cabinet loaded with a 15" speaker (eminence I think) rated at 400w also in excellent nick. 130 o.n.o.

I'm open to doing a deal if selling both together.

Please p.m. me if interested

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