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[GIG] Bonesaw + Achren + Triangle Theory + Stone Fidella @ The Moorings Bar

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A staple of the Aberdeen metal scene for more

years than they care to remember, playing with

bands like Napalm Death, Lobotomized, Defenestra-

tion, Bumsnogger, Certain Death and Broken Oath.


These guys claim to be the worlds first Blood Metal

band. They look forward with savage pleasure to

the prospect of spreading their aural brutality and

terrorising you all into submission...

"Brutally technical death/black/thrash with the

shredding and violence turned up to 10... a fear-

some live act" - Metal Hammer


Compared to everyone from Down to a heavy Led

Zeppelin, based in Perth and influenced by Kyuss,

Black Sabbath, Monster Magnet, Grand Magus,

Judas Priest, Pantera, Spiritual Beggars, etc.


Local rock and rollers make their debut at the

world reknown Moorings Bar. Onstage 8.30pm.

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