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The Black Tooth

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If Cream were a supergroup and the US/USSR superpowers, then the Black Tooth Rock Lounge is a superclubnight. Combining the rum-fuelled piracy of the Moorings, the sheer decadent filth of Fudge Promotions, Jagermeister's undying commitment to making you act like a drunken twat and (the not-yet-tainted-by-long-hair-or-air-guitar) virginal Snafu, the Black Tooth hopes to establish itself as a night dedicated to everything that makes rock n' roll the scurge of good family values.

As well as dance-floor gems from the Fudge DJ's, expect touring and local bands, dark cabaret, burlesque and amazing rocktails.

Every Monday night from the 24th March, entry is only 3/2 (concessions include rock sluts, one-armed drummers, mullets and pirates) and you can get watered for as little as 1 a vodka, 1.70 a pint and 1.50 a Jagermeister.

Want to play the Black Tooth? Check out the Myspace for details. For an invite to the launch, email gomes@clubsnafu.com.

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