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Guitarist wanted for Screamo band


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We are looking for a Guitarist to start jamming with us ASAP

band Members:

Daryl - Bass/ back screams - (15)

Jonny - Drums - (15)

Darren - Guitar - (17)

JAmes - Lead Vox / Lead Screams - (16)

Info on Band:

The bands inspirations vary quite a lot .... from post hardcore/metal/death metal/punk and screamo

The sound we are aiming to be is like the band BlessTheFall sort of new screamo/metal

We all have gig experience and have played in a few bands....

if interested

post a comment

or Add Midwaystar@hotmail.co.uk

thanks :)

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As someone pointed out, there are guidelines in the sticky thread at the top of this forum. The musicans forum is not a discussion forum, it is soley for people to find other musicians to play with.

I've cleared out this ad so it can have a fresh start.

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