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Baby items and other items for sale


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Hi I'm looking to get rid of the following items, my daughter is moving into her own room and there is no space:

2 x baby walkers 20 each

1 vtech baby walker 15

1 i love my bear moses basket/stand matress and covers (used for 1 week) 45

1 baby swing 20

1 x Nintendo 64 (7 games rumble pack, memory cards etc) 30

1 x Game cube (7 games, eternal darkness, monkey ball etc) 40

1 x Shell pink Mark hoppus Bass Fender (lmt Edition) 550

1 x Slipknot Windbreaker jacket (lmt edition) 20

1 x Full length leather jacket (silver lining, worth 650) 150

Shit loads of baby clothes

If you are interested in any of these then leave a message.


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