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JOHNNY SKYSCRAPER + BACCHUS + Evil Demon Theory + Bloodnut

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Saturday 13th October @ The Moorings

Jonny Skyscraper are ChiChi on bass, Heef Beef on lead guitar, Squidy on second guitar and CHIZ of legends Toxic Ephex. If you drink anywhere near regularly in the Moorings, youll probably know one of two of them Anyway, theyll be playing punk-rock ska covers and the musical like! Itll be like a big party I imagine The Skyscraper: fabulously entertaining - and quite probably very drunk too.

Bacchus. Moorings jukebox favourites. A brilliantly catchy punk band. They consider themselves the only real punk band in Shetland as they have songs about everything they hate: like the Shetland Arts Trust which we like to refer to as the Arse Trust because we think it's about time they did the job they were paid to do. We have just finished our EP so not long to wait now. Were a cross between the Anti Nowhere League and the English Dogs. With worse vocals.

Evil Demon Theory are ready to finally start ripping out some roasting hot rock for the good folks of Aberdeen to warm their winter hands to (or their summer hands - it's all the same considering the amount it's been raining down here lately. Formed from a jamming duo consisting of the brothers Grimm, they grew up together, learned to play the guitar together and wrote songs together. For fans of Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Spiritual Beggars and Metallica.

Bloodnut - debut gig! An all-new outfit comprising Justin (previously with metal tattie-botherers Risactonia), and the unholy trinity of Oggy, Pete and Rob (formerly of rock metal nut-jobs Radio Lucifer). Theyll almost certainly be blisteringly brilliant. You can quote me on that.





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