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Bass Collection

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Does anyone here have any information regarding the Bass Collection Series. From what I can gather they were made by a company called SGC Nanyo but I've had no luck trying to find a home page that I can base my searches from. Seen a nice SB325 appear on Ebay but I definitely remember seeing adverts for them in old copies of "Bassist" that have long since been thrown out.

Anyone know anything more that they can tell me?

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i have one and used it for most of the gigs i did with dear john.

bass collection made 4 and 5 string basses with active electronics usually. i had a 5 string. i bought it new from the bass centre in london with a hard case for about 500 quid i think.

i think they went out of business or stopped making basses a couple of years back.

Michael from Subsistence also used to have one identical to mine I think. I like mine, it is fun to play; the bass needs to be setup correctly for the B string to sound good, but the E string is very nice and boomy, i find it more kicking than any other bass i have played.

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