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Ghost of Bongo


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It's almost the time of the year where we, Ghost of Bongo that is, get together for what has become our annual gig. Some of you may have forgotten what we sound like, may not remember us, or have just actually never heard of us in the first place so thought that maybe you would like a refresher/introduction by checking out our myspace: http://www.mysapce.com/ghostofbongo

If you go down to the second player, you'll get about 12 or 13 tracks to listen to, a collection of recordings from various points over three and a half years we've been playing together.

Drummers have come and gone but now we have no worries about that so hopefully smooth and exiting show to come.

Also, I'll make up a bunch of CDs to give out so if anyone particularly wants one just leave a note below.


Colin :up:

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Had our first practice for a long time on Sunday and it was sounding as good as ever and felt amazing playing our tunes again.

Three of us travelled down to Edinburgh to get the practice in, looks like this is going to be a good way of getting things kick started again. Found a space to practice called Groove Tunnel just off the bypass so no messing around trying to navigate through Edinburgh city centre. This was one of the main reasons why going down and back up again in a day was a turn off before (plus we all own cars now bonus).

So come along to Moorings on 27th. Should have a new song to display that we are working on, it may go in a different direction than we were headed before... new synthesiser so more options!


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groove tunnel's pretty good. i think that's where we practiced last. it was like exile studios, the chick running it just gave us the keys and told us to stop playing and lock up at midnight...

p.s. fn110flyer_thumb.jpg

Yeah, it had everything you need and reasonably priced. It's only 10 mins down the bypass which is really convenient compared to going somewhere in the city. Was surprised how quickly the tunes came back. Sound fresh again after a nice wee break!

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