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Enemy Rose(Belgium) + Support

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Get ready for the band that will take you by surprise and rock your girlfriend's panties , from the darkest corners in your mind comes ENEMY ROSE! Influenced by bands such as THE STONES, THE CLASH, DEAD BOYS, STOOGES and HANOI ROCKS these boys do not make any compromises... LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! Formed in the summer of 2005 by Tommy X and Sammy DiMera from THE HEARTACHES who joined forces with Sugar Martellotto, a young and very talented drummer with a lust for rock n' roll completed by Ponzy from SMASH MY RADIO on bass and Spinal Steve from SMOOTH LEE on guitars. With no time to waste they started playing and when word got out the crowd got bigger and bigger and soon afterwards they signed to I Scream Records, the mission was to conquer the world , hit the stages and record an album.

plus support From

The Dirty Hand Shakes


Half Jack


Justin Martin


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