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Steven Milne

the little kicks :: two new recordings up :: have a listen

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hey guys,

We have two new recordings up on our myspace as of today

previously we have done three eps, which some of you may have your hands on.


EPs 1 and 2

Were recorded in the old exile studio with mark nicol and were done live.

EP 3

Was done with the stanley boys and mixed by paul / steve.

It has "one more time", "dont give up so easily" and "it all comes out in the end". We sold out in Fopp and One Up but were doing another run for One Up soon.

2 of these tracks are still up on the myspace.

EP 3 has been the most well received of the three and has been our demo for handing out since last year so we decided to re-record some of EP1 and 2s tracks with Steve and Paul to get a complete set of equal demos. We wanted a fairly produced sound but not so much that it doesnt sound live. So we recorded 6 tracks with Steve in February this year and i have three finished mixes, the other three getting complete next week.

For various reasons, its only now we have put up anything finished on myspace.

So have a listen and see what you think...

These arent for release, just demo purposes , if ou would like a copy of our stuff when its finished, send me a PM.


a fairly new song, not on any previous EPs

"Stop the Pain A While"

a re-recording of an EP2 track

Still to come is re-recordings of

"After Tomorrow, Before Today", "New Song 2", "Summertime" and "Questions and Answers"

Theyll go up on the page soon too, so ill post again when they do.

After all this we have been playing three or four other new songs live since summer and three of these are in contention for a digital single release we are planning in October. Looking to record out of town for a couple of days without spending a fortune, so if anyone wants to reccomend any studos, feel free.


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