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Rockabilly Queen Janis Martin is Dead

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May not mean a hell of a lot to most of you on here, but if you know your music roots, she was a pioneer.

She passed away at 4pm Monday, September 3, 2007. Rockabilly artist, Janis Martin had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and it had spread all over her body. Her husband Wayne Whitt has said that she was napping most of the day in a hospital bed at her home in Danville, VA.

Janis had been suffering from severe headaches over the past several months so she found it necessary to cancel her recent booking at the Americana Festival in England. The headaches turned out to be stress related from all the grief she had to endure from losing her son Kevin who passed away in January of this year. Recently when a large tumor appeared on her shoulder, Janis and Wayne headed back to the doctors for tests. The tests revealed that she has a very aggressive type of cancer and spreaded all over her body.

To read further about her career, you can google her name or click on this link:

MySpace.com - Janis Martin - Virginia - Rockabilly / Rock - www.myspace.com/femaleelvis or

Janis Martin

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