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Drummer Wanting Band

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Hows it going folks the names Hobbs 24 from Aberdeen. i'm new to this so bear we me.

I've been drumming for three years and I'm at grade 7 level. been at college for 3 years studying music and i'm about to go into 4th year to start the road to getting my deploma teaching drums.

This is the second thread ive put up, i don't think the first one was that clear in the type of sound i want to try and create. The sound i'm wanting to create is the fusion of funk/rock/blues styles and hopefully come up with a sound that very few have heard before. to give you an idea of what i'm thinking is to mabye to create a funk sound similar to james brown fuse it with some heavy rock similar to Led Zepplin fuse both them sounds with traditional blues sound similar to muddy waters.

I'm looking for like minded musicians of similar age, or a band already formed needing a drummer who are allready trying to create a similar sound.

If any of you are interested leave a post and i'll get back to you


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