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Marshall dsl50 for sale with cab

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My teacher is selling a dsl50 but hes not too great with computers...ill gladly pass on any intrest.

the dsl is completley fine no scratches or dents... the valves are fine...its all in working order. he bought it a few months ago used but hes bought a mesaboogie mark IV and wont be needing the dsl anymore...the cab is a 16 ohm 4x12 marshall cab.

they can be bought as a whole for 650

If you want to buy one or the other seperate leave a reply and ill get back to you with a price ASAP

Cheers :up:

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The cab alone is 275 could possibly go lower...

The cab new is over 350

Its a jcm800 leadseries 1960

Its a straight cab 16 ohms

only 1 small unoticable tear about size of a thumb in the tolex

PM me for info on the head if needed

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