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June Paik (Ger) and Battle of Wolf 359 tour

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early september! im doing one in dundee...


You know the drill with June Paik. top notch screamo from Germany on React With Protest and Parade of Spectres. Somewhere between Orchid and Funeral Diner

MySpace.com - JunePaik - Donauwörth, DE - Screamo / Experimental / Black Metal - www.myspace.com/junepaik

Battle of Wolf 359, if you remember, clearly tore Drouthy Neebors a new arsehole last time. They loved Scotland so much they couldnt wait to come back. Expect raging hardcore in the vein of Shikari, Neil Perry mixed with real metalcore

MySpace.com - BATTLE OF WOLF 359 - London, UK - Hardcore / Down-tempo / Punk - www.myspace.com/battleofwolf359

Mesa Verde top quality weegie songsters, first time up here in ages.

MySpace.com - Mesa Verde - Glasgow, UK - Emo / Hardcore / Screamo - www.myspace.com/mesaverde

Kaddish you know the tunes, you know the lyrics, you love them, everyone loves em.

MySpace.com - Kaddish - UK - Indie / Alternative / Screamo - www.myspace.com/kaddishuk

Archives post rock from dundee, will have shortly returned from UK tour

MySpace.com - Archives (August UK Tour) - Dundee, UK - Progressive / Screamo / Ambient - www.myspace.com/archivesuk

Tuesday 4th September

Balcony Bar



this gig is going to be absolutely teckle, one of the best european skram outfits, bow359 were awesome last time, AND kaddish and Verde.

rammed gig. if you are travellign lemme know, if you need sleeping areas something could be sorted

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