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Drive By Argument , Play The Tunnels

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We are also on the bill for this

Drive By Argument

think 4-to-the-floor-unhappy hardcore. think electremo-indie-dance-rock with experimental tendancies. think a love for melody and harmony. think an ambition to mix the lot.

MySpace.com - Drive By Argument - Ayr, UK - Electro / Experimental / Indie - www.myspace.com/drivebyargument


Chutes are a band from Edinburgh in Scotland; they have been friends since they were at school and have been making music together in various guises since their early teens. Although reference points can be made to the likes of Idlewild, early REM and Orange Juice, growing up in such a culturally rich and diverse city has shaped what the band have become.

MySpace.com - CHUTES - UK - Indie / New Wave / Rock - www.myspace.com/chutesmusic

Flaming Katy


MySpace.com - Flaming Katy - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Powerpop - www.myspace.com/flamingkaty

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