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Equipment for sale : must sell

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Hey. Am looking to get rid of some of my music equipment in order to make a bit o muny for uni. its essential that i get rid of them, (I dont want to - but i really need cash for uni).

I have a few items for people. -

Ibanez Gio gax 75, black finish(The one with the downtuner) - in excellent condition has proved to be an great guitar, ive thoroughly playing it and would serve any guitarist well. - im looking for about 110 for the guitar but im open to any offers really.

Ive also got various other pieces of equipment to sell -

korg ax1500g guitar effects processor pedal

digitech RP100 guitar effects pedal - not to sure what to ask for these pedals but i hardly ever use them anymore so again people please make an offer which i would be more than happy to consider.

Finally i have a small home recording item along with drum machine. cost quite a bit brand new (Round about 300 if my memory serves me correctly) so i will be looking for a bit for these item. - contact me for more details if your interested in this piece.

Thanks for reading people and as i say if your interested in any of these items please dont hesitate to pm me and ill try and answer any questions. ITEMS MUST GO

Thanks again


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Come on people...some one out theres got to want to buy something off of me. help someone out please lol.

Also i might have a stentor violin for sale...

Everthing MUST sell

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