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Fudge present Fudgenight#101: MY TESTAMENT DENIED + APES I.Q. + DOWNFALL + MALERA

My Testament Denied www.myspace.com/mytestamentdenied

A return to the warm embrace of The Moorings for this heavily tattooed crew after a triumphant debut gig just a couple of months ago. Metal meets hardcore, with somewhat more tunes than youd ever think was possible. Need to write a biography though. Or Ill just make shit up - They eat puppies, I heard.

Apes I.Q. - myspace.com/kixxville

You all remember Supragod, right? The Swedes in white boiler suits who play a kick-ass rock show in The Bar every six months or so? Well, here come their beshtest mates with low-slung geetars, oozing The Sleaze and singing punk rock songs about fucking and being in a cool band. Needless to say, youre going to love them. Apes IQ is the white-smiled gentlemen of hard, fast, pump-action-rock'n'roll, and formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2001. Their 13-track album "The Kixxville Commercial" sounds a bit like Elvis Presley on way too much caffeine, trying to perform Hound Dog, while he's getting slapped in the face by Sid Vicious - theyre sending a box of promos over The North Sea in time for the show, so perhaps youll be able to get your hands on a copy when they arrive?

Downfall - www.myspace.com/downfall13

Influenced by Motorhead, Necrophagia, Pantera, BLS, Slayer, Ozzy, Dio, Carcass and Death. Im not sure if that last one is the band or the concept. Thats all they tell us. Seriously, dont bands write biogs any more?

Malera - www.myspace.com/malera

No, apparently they dont. Damn. Influences, you ask? Chimaira, Misery Index, Slipknot, SOAD, Inflames, Fear Factory, Mindless Self Induldgence, Sepultura and Kyuss.

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