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Vincent Gallo


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just recently watched buffalo 66 for the first time and thought it was pretty cool

especially the slow time scorseceish parts towards the end

my flatmate reckons its amazing so it was built up for me but good all the same

although, ive heard his music is utter pish despite being signed to warp records of all things!

either way hes an interesting character but what has he done since buffalo 66? anything i should see? im not in the know of his film catalogue

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Guest bluesxman

He made some pretty good films a while back - Buffalo 66, Palookaville, The Funeral, Truth Or Consequence N.M., I was quite a fan at one point. He was always entertaining in interviews and I approved of his contrary, awkward nature.

Recently he has made a film called The Brown Bunny, which is pretty dull but he did blag a blow job off Chloe Sevigny in one scene (although apparently he may have used a stunt cock). He has an amusing web page where he tries to flog off clothes he wore in movies for phenomenal amounts of cash. And recently he has advertised his services to donate sperm for huge amounts of cash. So he has perhaps been slowly losing it over a number of years.

I quite like his music, slow, sparse atmospheric stuff. Not for everyone though I guess.

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Anybody got any opinions?

A cunt of the highest order.

He's a huge fan of his own movies, which, looking at the box office, puts him pretty much in a category of one!

If Gallo was chocolate, he'd eat himself. His movies are boring arthouse vanity pieces.

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