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ATP vs The Fans

Guest Tam o' Shantie

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

Since I have had a chronic boner for the last few days, let's discuss how sweet ATP was so that I get turned off by a bunch of dudes talking about their boners...unless the plan backfires ?(

Me first, wow Edan and his pal were fucking gobsmacking. Also, I can't believe I saw Daniel Johnston twice (or that I missed the other two appearances - one for the last song of Co-Ma-Tengo's set ("Man, these guys are boring me now, let's go home and drink instead of watching the end") and one in a chalet, which I can't really blame myself for not knowing about. I would also like to say how hot all the girls were. And Bats For Lashes also seemed quite hot. The booze was criminally expensive, the only thing I bought was a round consisting of 2 glasses of wine, and a pint of cider coming to 11 pounds something. Even more annoying was that I had to go outside and throw up my wine afterwards, to the delight of the bands loading their stuff out of the Red stage. :laughing: :laughing:

I met Tim and the other guy from Les Savy Fav, who weren't really in the mood for chatting, and hit on the cute bassist from The Thermals until she was rescued by half of Modest Mouse, who by the way were quite good but not mind blowing. They played mostly songs that I hadn't heard. Cornelius was dull, and some guy on Sunday night played before Daniel Johnston with the most boring set I've ever heard. It was basically just him and a delay pedal making 'mad noise'...yawn...like I said several hundred times to everybody unlucky enough to discuss him with me, it just sounded like a teenage bedroom guitarist on boxing day who got a new Zoom effects pedal for christmas. :down:

share your experiences here then, dudes:popcorn:

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