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[GIG] Radioskool: A'la Fu & Kidproquo @ Snafu

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RadioSkool is back with audiotainment from your tutors

A'La Fu and kidProquo

The musical science lab has new deliveries coming in all the time so look out for trickery and routines from these highly skilled teachers using Ableton Live with the M-Audio Trigger Finger, Foot peddle sampler and effect, plus Kaoss Pad 3 sampling and effects.

Expect nothing but the unexpected from a RadioSkool night. Music so diverse you'll jump and jive to jazz and hip-hop rhymes or blow your mind with a darksided electro vibe.

Don't believe me, hear what our customers have to say:

I am a model and RadioSkool is the best thing ever! I used to fit into a size 16, but the jeans would be a bit tight, and now after 3 months of using RadioSkool and dieting, I fit into a size 12 loosely! I'm very happy and recommend this to everyone! Trust me, you will not be disappointed after trying this for yourself.

Debbie fae the 'Deen - Age 24

I have known about RadioSkool for years and would have never thought to go until I decided I needed something for my thighs now that I'm headed for my 30's. It is the best club night for getting my body in shape!! Forget the health club; my thighs have never been through such a workout. go now before it's too late!!

John fae Cults - Age 28


Look out for this months RadioSkool promotional vid. Coming to Myspace, e-mails and all local forums.


Friday 25th

10pm - 3am

3 b4 11:30pm 5 after






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