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The Orange Lights ... an introduction...

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THE ORANGE LIGHTS have an epic sound, and an albums worth of big songs with uplifting lyrics. The themes are universal: loss and redemption, clutching hope out of the jaws of desolation and despair - like Spiritualized, The Verve and many great 60s/ early 70s soul records. The sound is atmospheric and cinematic like Doves, U2 and Radiohead topped off with loads of personality and the solid gold voice of frontman Jason Hart. The Orange Lights blend their influences old soul, Brian Eno, Stone Roses, Echo & The Bunnymen, Nick Drake, U2, Radiohead, Ulrich Schnauss and A Reminiscent Drive into perfect pop songs. As several observers have noted: Its the record Richard Ashcroft should have made after The Verve's Urban Hymns.

THE ORANGE LIGHTS are what happens when you put two of British pops best-loved bands together. Vocalist Jason Hart formerly plied his guitar talents in Jason Pierces Spiritualized, and you can hear the influence in the The Orange Lights wall of sound. Co-creator of the band is keyboard player and songwriter Paul Tucker who was one-half of Nineties soul sensations the Lighthouse Family. On paper, they seem mismatched. On record, a marriage made in heaven.


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