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No Trigger and Set Your Goals-Tunnels August 12th

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From Punktastic:

6 Aug 2007 Nexus w/ NO TRIGGER, Southampton, UK

7 Aug 2007 The Peel w/ NO TRIGGER, Kingston, UK

8 Aug 2007 Engine Rooms w/ NO TRIGGER, Brighton, UK

9 Aug 2007 TJ's w/ NO TRIGGER, Newport, UK

10 Aug 2007 Ringside w/ NO TRIGGER, Hull, UK

11 Aug 2007 SU University w/ NO TRIGGER, Luton, UK

12 Aug 2007 Tunnels w/ NO TRIGGER, Aberdeen, UK

13 Aug 2007 Barfly w/ NO TRIGGER, Glasgow, UK

14 Aug 2007 Subculture w/ NO TRIGGER, Leeds, UK

15 Aug 2007 Music Box w/ NO TRIGGER, Manchester, UK

16 Aug 2007 The Black Box, Belfast, IRELAND

17 Aug 2007 The Nerve Centre, Derry, IRELAND

18 Aug 2007 Eamonn Dorans, Dublin, IRELAND

19 Aug 2007 The Half Moon Theatre w/ NO TRIGGER, Cork, IRELAND

20 Aug 2007 Sugarmill w/ NO TRIGGER, Stoke on Trent, UK

21 Aug 2007 Roadkill w/ NO TRIGGER, Liverpool, UK

22 Aug 2007 The Park w/ NO TRIGGER, Peterborough, UK

23 Aug 2007 underworld w/ NO TRIGGER, London, UK

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