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[GIG] Triptych 07: Gilles Peterson + Various Productions @ The Lemon Tree


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Gilles Peterson

Gilles Peterson's bearing on popular culture is vast: his inexorable ardour for untapped music be it global fusion, pioneering hip-hop, radical Braziliana, cinematic arias, arcane jazz or urban soul has seen him rightly and universally lauded as one of the most critical DJs, tastemakers and broadcasters in the world.

Petersons CV speaks volumes former barrow boy; pirate radio maverick; Talkin' Loud chief; pivotal vanguard of the UK house and acid-jazz scenes while his Radio One Worldwide show remains a critical touchstone for music lovers the globe over.

The DJs annual and much-loved Triptych pilgrimage showcases the finest in excellent, hand-picked universal music (previous Scottish live debuts have included Amp Fiddler, Soil & Pimp Sessions and Plantlife); and this year is no exception: armed with an arsenal of record crates and replete with sonic wunderkinds the Cinematic Orchestra in tow were thrilled to welcome Gilles to Triptych once more.

Various Productions

A vital, cabalistic duo who dont so much bend musical genres as bestialise them beyond repair, Various (or sometimes, Various Productions) released their debut album, The World Is Gone (XL), to general rapture last year and with it discharged a rampant barrage of hitherto untapped aural pleasures: honeyed dubstep, rugged trip-hop and buzzsaw neo-pop among them.

The debut was hailed an instant classic not least thanks to its smouldering vocal cameos, leftfield serenades and intransigent, deviant beats. It also unhesitatingly exposed them as one of the finest electronic pop concerns to emerge in recent years.


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