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DVD's for sale

Darth Elvis

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Hey folks,

I'm selling a few DVD's to clear up some space in my flat and get some cash together to help pay for my wedding and baby stuff so please take a look at the list and if interested send me a PM or reply here. Please check that your dvd player plays multiregion discs for the R1, R3 ones.



Swimming with Sharks 3

The Monkees - Our Favourite Episodes R1 3

Elvis - Promised Land 1

A Perfect Circle - aMotion 4

Army of Darkness R3 4

The Wolf Man 3

That Thing you Do 3

Shanghai Knights R1 3

Shanghai Noon R1 3

Rush Hour 2 R1 3

Rush Hour 1 R1 3

Carnivale (Pilot) 1

Serenity 4

Revolver 3

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em First Series 3

Oceans Eleven R1 3

Vic Reeve's Big Night Out 3

Wild Things 3

Long Weekend 3

The Passion of the Christ 4

Enemy of the State 3

Gossip 3

Save the Last Dance 3 (I swear to god this is my fiances!!!!!)

Return of the Living Dead Part 4 : Necropolis R1 4

Jurrasic Park 3 R1 3

Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason 3

Maniac Cop 3 R1 3

Go R1 DVD 3

Star Woids 4

The Incredible Hulk Returns/Trial of the Incredible Hulk (Tv Movies with Lou Ferrigno - features Thor & Daredevil) R1 3

The Incredible Hulk (Pilot) R1 3

Office Space 2

Nightmare on Elm Street R1 3

Box of the Banned (Horror boxset featuring I Spit on Your Grave, Zombie Flesh Eaters, Driller Killer, Evil Dead, Last House on the Left, Nightmares in a Damaged Brain and Ban the Sadist Videos) 15


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