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are Marillion the most punk rock/ diy band ever?

Guest Kilgore Trout

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Guest Kilgore Trout

How to thrive on a Fish-free diet-Arts & Entertainment-Music-TimesOnline

just read this wee spread on the aforementioned Marillion in the times the day and am fair enthused at their stick it to the man ethos, better than Wilco forcing the label to buy back Yankee hotel foxtrot- Marillion! what a bunch of duuudes! imagine if the Jesus Lizard had followed this path- maybe Steve Albini would say nice things about them.


obviously i'm still not actually going to listen to Marillion regardless of their credibility, the spectre of Fish haunts them like a blood soaked Banquo.......

fair dues tho'

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Marillion are, in terms of marketing/record selling one of the most innovative bands of recent years, however, generally much as i love them the music isnt:

Still they've inspired a lot of other bands and preselling an album is often known as doing a 'Marillion' , that being said they were still better with Fish :p

I'm sure no-one cares but Jo will be supporting Marillion in her new home town of Portsmouth in June.



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