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This Weekend @ Snafu...


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Girls On Top featuring Jo-D and Hooker Barbie

A pastiche of house, electro and tech-house sounds start the Snafu weekend.

10pm - 3am


The Deep End Presents...TROUBLE DJ's

Trouble has always been about going beyond the average club play-lists and the restrictions in the 'music policies' that Nineties clubbing/DJing brought, to revitalize an approach much more common before, when decent clubs were few and far between and often tended to be, quite simply, good parties in unusual, wee locations (like a basement bar on the corner of the street!). Thus, the music at Trouble can be anything from across the 'black' musical spectrum to the output of all the white 'brothers and sisters' who feel the funk and have got a good groove. This includes the classic dub, reggae, soul, funk, jazz, Afro, Latin and disco of the Seventies, early hip hop, electro, boogie and house from the Eighties, the stand-out dance moments of the last decade and the most exciting, upfront new nuggets, whether in hip hop, R n B, dancehall, soul, broken beat, jazz, house, techno, Brazilian or drum n bass. We're very open-minded about our tunes! And, since the music is constantly evolving and changing, at Trouble we just like to call it all 'freestyle'.

Trouble :: www.getintotrouble.com

10pm - 3am

Free entry before 11pm all weekend (girls free before 12am on Friday)

Drink offers pre-11pm also!

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