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Voice actors wanted

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I am looking for two voice actors for my Uni project, called "Nuclear Extreme"


The animation is about an extreme sports event that has been made out of transporting nuclear weapons across the country by road, and focuses on an interview between the two characters, the extreme sports dude truck driver, and the TV presenter, so I need one male and one female to voice them. Please.

Al "Adrenalan" Miller

English. Surfer dude/Extreme sports type guy. Pretty laid back, but enthusiastic. Bit unsure of his true motives. Professional, but wreckless. Reasonably smart, but no common sense.

Like Del Preston, roadie from Wayne's World II

Jay from Jay and Silent Bob

Gail Elliot

Scottish. Trendy MTV styled TV presented. Flirtatious, niave, superficial.

Like Gail Porter

Fearn Cotton

If anyone is seriously interested, please PM me and I will send you the script and a bit more info on what it's all about. I'm looking to record the voices as soon as possible as I will soon be ready to animate. Being an RGU student may be a benefit.

Thanks in advance

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