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Boss TU-2 Tuning Pedal 40 ono.


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Boss TU-2 Tuning Pedal 40 ono. SOLD!

For sale I have a Boss TU-2 Tuning Pedal.

It looks like this:


It does this:

BOSS world-renowned TU-Series tuner accuracy in a convenient stompbox design

Mute/Bypass select for silent tuning with a single stomp.

11-point LED indicators and new "stream" meter display tuning discrepancy via speed and direction of LED's (speed of LED movement gets slower as pitch becomes more accurate)

7-segment LED displays string and note names, easily visible on dark stages.

Seven easy tuning modes include: Chromatic, Guitar Regular, Guitar Flat, Guitar Double Flat, Bass Regular, Bass Flat, Bass Double Flat.

Tuning mode setting and display style choice stored in memory.

Adjustable reference pitch from 438 to 445Hz.

Footswitchable Tuner Off mode preserves battery life by disabling LED's

It will cost:

I'm looking for 40 ono. The pedal is in A1 condition. Never been used at gigs. Only comes out for the first 5mins of practice then goes back in its box. It will come with the original box and instuctions. RRP for this item is 69. Invaluable tool for any muscian!

Can delivery locally to Aberdeen or post!

Please reply here or send me a PM.

Thanks for reading!

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