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Experimental Music and Video at the Lemon Tree

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Hi everyone,

Hope you're doing well. I'm writing to invite you to a special evening at the Lemon Tree on the 28th of March (730 pm, 5 pounds.) As some of you know I was fortunate enough to be awarded a PRS Atom award to support a tour of the UK and this is the 'official' Aberdeen event.

What makes it even more special (besides the excellent support) is the fact that it kicks off a quarterly experimental music series that the Lemon Tree has agreed to host if we can show decent support for each event.

As you know, even with resounding support these concerts have more to do with '

'Artistic Intent' then commercial viability, so it's no small thing for the Lemon Tree to go out on a limb to support us. So if you make it out to an experimental music event this year, please make it this one!

And here's a few more reasons why you should come out:

Opening the evening will be local experimental artist Adam H. Taylor who although being on the scene for quite some time with de Barros , The Magdalene Cox and others, is currently making his name known as a solo experimentalist under the moniker Hypnoerotomachia. Check our the track "Wannsee 1 " on his myspace here for a taste: http://www.myspace.com/paintblackeverythingandwhiteblanksilence

Following Adam with be local experimental improv group Mickel Mass (who if you recall opened for Faust in Aberdeen and then went on to play at their avant-garde festival in Germany this summer.) As you know, you can never anticipate exactly what these guys will do or who they'll do it with or to (I myself remember vividly having dishes dropped on me to begin a set when I was sitting in with them one night!) Here's a link to some sounds: http://www.myspace.com/mickelmass

Accompanying M.M. with be a video by Stephen Morrison (who has worked with Andy Smith and Patrick Keenan on more than one occasion...you may have seen Steve's work at one of the EMS gigs I hosted at the University of Aberdeen last year.) Steve has been kind enough to compose this video especially for this evening.

And finishing up the night will be myself and Patrick Keenan. Some may remember Patrick's work on the Harpsichord event at Peacocks almost exactly a year ago today. We've been working as a duet since then and much of this tour involves myself and Patrick developing material for a release next year. (As always, info on myself and upcoming events are available here: http://billthompson.org )

Accompanying us with be Patrick's brother (talented family!) Jack Keenan who will be improvising video using hacked TV's, high-end web-cams, laptops running Jitter, and a few other goodies (if I were a video artist, I'd want to be just like Jack.)

So, there you have it. Sure to be a good night. Doors open at 730, the music starts at 8pm, and it's 5 pounds to get in.

The Lemon Tree has asked if at all possible to pre-order your tickets and if you're comfortable, to sign up for the mailing list to be informed about the upcoming quarterly events. If you plan on just paying at the door, you can still sign up by sending your info (name, address, email, phone number (to be used only in the event of canceled events)) to marketing@lemontree.org with 'experimental music mailing list' in the subject line.

Thanks again, hope to see you there!


ps...just to wet your appetite, (and none of this is confirmed yet) but I'm hoping to bring Keith Rowe back to Aberdeen, Rhodri Davies and Mark Wastell (as Broken Consort), Lee Paterson (recently performed at Instal festival in Glasgow) and others for the quarterly events. Come show your support!

pss...errr, should I mention experimental improvisor Will Gutherie's gig on April 3rd at the Cathedral?....hm, check here for details http://billthompson.org.

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Bill - good for you for organising this, and best of luck for the proposed quarterly events :up:

See you on the 28th.

Thanks...really hoping we can get a good turnout tomorrow...Doh, it's football night but couldn't forsee this. Anyway, here's hoping we get an ok turnout to convince the LT of the interest in our community.

hope to see you all there!


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