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[GIG] Forever Like Red + The Confidantes + The Bad Animals + Novocaine @ Moshulu

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Forever Like Red - http://www.myspace.com/foreverlikered


You wont forget the first time you heard Forever Like Red. It will be on a day such as this when nothing feels right and it seems like as good an idea as any to fill the silence with reason. Songs very rarely make you stand up and sing but Exit Signs and Dream On and What Will You Pay and Breakdown just might. And you could stand here all day and say that Forever Like Red sound like this and Forever Like Red sound like that but it wouldnt get you anywhere youd still be standing up and singing.

Forever Like Red is Cameron Meshell (voice, guitar, piano), Pelle Hillstrom (guitars, effects), Mikkel Heimburger (bass) and Jesper Kristensen (drums). This line up came together in London at the start of 2006 but prior to that Danish born Mikkel and Jesper were in the LA-based Citrus whilst Swedish-born Pelle featured in electropop outfit Modwheelmood. Cameron hails from Shreveport, Louisiana but coincidentally all four had spent time in LA before individually heading over to the UK. Cameron knew of Pelle anyway and called him up, asking if he would like to hear some songs. Pelle agreed and what he heard blew him away, those songs forming the basis of what you are going to know and love as Forever Like Red.

Pelle co-wrote What Will You Pay, Inhibitions and Off You Go but the vast majority of Forever Like Red material has been penned by Cameron himself. Unquestionably a star in the shadows, Cameron is the product of a traditional Deep South God-fearing upbringing, a fact that may be apparent once you hear What Will You Pay. Essentially an agnostic take on the contradictions inherent in a belief in any after-life, Cameron admits to hiding this song from his fervently religious mother lest she be offended. She follows the word, he says with a look that suggests well all know what that means. Other songs are more clear-cut although similarly addictive: Inhibitions is about Doing Anything You Wanna Do, Dream On is about a couple changing and growing apart together - the words of love you flew to me on paper planes; and Exit Signs is a rites of passage song about not wanting to make a commitment.

Straightforward enough you might think but then youd hear Father and Forever Like Red and youd have to think again. Written as a result of a catastrophic event in Camerons life that took place in August 2000, both these songs showcase Forever Like Reds darker, heavier side: Father is pure caterwaul emotion whilst Forever Like Red itself is an epiphany of sorts, all pent up anger and fear in music. Of this song, Cameron will only say I hope people will make sense of the lyrics and connect with them but reveals further that Forever Like Red is an attempt to describe a life-changing moment that remains frozen in time, he pauses, forever like red.

Forever Like Reds debut album is called Distance and Cameron explains the title away by suggesting that much of the albums content concerns a long distance relationship he was conducting whilst recording the album although it also refers to the distance in time since he started writing some of the songs thereon. On the title track he sings I will write a letter to you on your birthday but admits that he never got round to writing or sending such a letter and that maybe the album is just his attempt at doing so. The love song itself is often seen as some kind of secular requiem anyway but on Distance, Forever Like Red appear to have elevated it to some kind of new art form. My guess is you are going to love it.

Forever Like Red are about to tour and will be stepping out from the shadows on the following dates: March 6th Cambridge The Loft/March 9th Bristol Academy/March 10th Glasgow King Tuts/March 11th Aberdeen Moshulu/March 12th Newcastle Carling Academy/March 14th Oxford Zodiac/March 15th Liverpool Carling Academy/March 16th Doncaster Boiler Room/March 17th Manchester Night and Day/March 19th Birmingham Academy/March 20th York Fibbers/March 23rd Northampton Soundhaus/March 24th Bath Moles


Distance was produced by Brad Wood and Dave McCracken and the tracklisting runs as follows: What Will You Pay; Inhibitions; Dream On; Father; Exit Signs; Runaway Story; Forever Like Red; Breakdown; Off You Go; Distance.


The Confidantes - http://www.myspace.com/theconfidantes

Novocaine - http://www.myspace.com/novocaineaberdeen

The Bad Animals - http://www.myspace.com/thebadanimals

(Feat Craig Scott of Hex Pensioners)

Doors at 7.30pm - Only 2.

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goodday there has been a small mistake ... were not playing as the bad animals tonight we will be playing as DEATHQUNT!


"Only just got round to listening to these tracks - Fuckung Brilliant. Great name as well. This music sits nicely between the legs of the most violent, modern face-jazz butchery. Butcher. J.B. Wilkinson - Yorkshire's finest. Should hook up for some well lubricated musical 69-ing sometime or other or not or nothing. Stay sharp. "

Dr Matthew Bourne (Perrier young jazz musician of the year)

"thanks for squirting your foaming twat on my face, totally gagging on your sex piss chieftans, the twots who arent sure about your name should be deleted dudes, then have stuff jammed up there guts. we shuold have a joint DeathQunt/massacre gig so we can engage in jazz bukkake. Piece, Squirter.... "

Simon King

disgusting! exactly what is wrong with todays music theres no "do do do's" or "shooby da i love you lalala" its all about whos got the bigger chopsticks

Deathqunt definatly do not get my vote

- Simon Cowell

Come down to moshulu and live the dream


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