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Bad News Brown passes away

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Not too sure if this is in the right category although he was an Olympic Judo medalst.

At least he died of a more natural cause compared to the counts of other wrestlers.

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - Wrestling - Bad News Allen dies suddenly

Bad News Allen dies suddenly

Former Olympic judo bronze medalist Allen Coage -- better known to wrestling fans as Bad News Allen and Bad News Brown -- has died suddenly. He was 63.

Coage died early Tuesday morning in Calgary at Rockyview Hospital, having been rushed to the hospital, complaining of chest pains.

Three weeks ago, Coage underwent hip replacement surgery and had been making progress on his recovery. Monday night, he was home alone and called longtime friend Gerry Morrow, complaining of chest pains. Morrow got him to the hospital.

Coage broke into professional wrestling through the New Japan Pro Wrestling organization, training in Japan and spending the first few years after the 1976 Montreal Olympics in that country.

He was a star in the Calgary Stampede promotion as Bad News Allen, having bloody feuds with the likes of The Dynamite Kid, Archie 'The Stomper' Gouldie, Bret Hart and others.

In the WWF of the late 1980s, he was known as Bad News Brown, and feuded with Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper.

He had been working the last number of years as a security guard at a mall; "Teenagers are a pain in the ass. You always have to run them off," he said in July 2006. Apparently they didn't know who they were messing with. "It don’t matter to them, they're tough."

Coage is survived by his wife Helen and their children

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Guest Jake Wifebeater

And there goes another one. Still reckon Dino Bravo has had the best death out of ex-wrestlers. Shot dead in his living room.

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