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Just wondering if anyone else has got into the TV show Bones?

Just watched the pilot and I quite enjoyed it. I think if you are/were a fan of The X-Files, you'd enjoy this.

I gave it a shot, but it's like all these other Amercian series starring Vogue model gals, Men & Fitness guys, ludicrous plots and dialogue straight out of Nickelodeon.

And don't start me on the camera work on these show - are they unable to film a single scene without zoom-in/out, slo-mo & Guy Ritchie-style flash cuts?

I watched CSI:Miami the other night - what a crock! The opening scene was David Caruso standing over a body in "normal time", while the camera repeatedly turned to a couple of his team walking towards him in slo-mo.

fast/slo-mo, fast/slo-mo, fast/slo-mo - why?

These shows are really, really hard work to watch because the production team fanny about with all the buttons & knobs at their disposal.

What set X-Files aside was the dialogue and the character interaction. Same with Sopranos & Six Feet Under.

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