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Band Members wanted...

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Singer and Guitarist wanted for a 5 piece EMo Core, punk, metal band

inspired by -

Taking Back Sunday

From First To Last

Brand New

The Used

The Misfits

My Chemical romance ( older stuff)


Funeral for a friend


The Academy Is...


and a whole load more...

The BAnd as it Stands

JAmes Anderson - 16 - Guitar/Backing vocals/ Emotional screaming

DAryl Robertson - 15 - Bass/ Emotional Screaming

STeve - 15 - Drums/ Percussion

We're a group of guys that love playing music and are very open minded on all music

please get intouch if intrested ...

Email: xbeatingheartsx_emo@hotmail.co.uk

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I've moved this to the correct forum and removed the unpleasant conversation other users were having about it.

Please remember that the classified ads are not topics for discussion or there to use as verbal target practice. They are there solely to sell things or recruit bands members, nothing else. There's a list of guidelines at the top of the musicians wanted forum, please read them.

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