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Le Reno Amps - Video/Single/Tour

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Hi everyone,

The uber-hip and ultra-professional video for 'Wound Up' is now up for the pleasure of your seductive eyes...

Filmed on location in Scotts flat, Kings Park Station, Glasgow Central, Sauchiehall Street and Nice N Sleazys. Thanks to all the people that turned up for filming at Sleazys. Your support will never be forgotton especially your idyllic chants of "Amps Amps Amps"...Never have our egos swelled so much....we might make it a feature of all our shows!

The video was directed by Jase, our very sexy drummer, turns out he's quite nifty with the old storyboard and camera...if you see him in the street begging for change tell him he did a good job on the video, he'd like that.

The manager (James Able) and soundman (John) were both played by our good friend Colin. Scotts girlfriend, Colina, played herself...and didn't they do well. Oscar nominees me thinks...

There wa plenty of outtakes so we'll try get them on You Tube in the near future.

A DVD featuring the video and outtakes will be given away free with the first 100 copies sold of the 7" single on the forthcoming tour with Brakes.

Those dates again;

Westport - Dundee - Thursday 22 February

Drummonds - Aberdeen - Friday 23 February

The Loft - Forres - Saturday 24 February

Raigmore - Inverness - Sunday 25 February

Cabaret Voltaire - Edinburgh - Monday 26 February

Nice N Sleazys - Glasgow - Friday 9 March*

(all shows supporting Brakes except for *)

'Wound Up' - released Monday 26th February.

Available on ltd edition white 7" vinyl and from all major download services.

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