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Laughing out of context #1


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The following is free tracks by the "Laughing out of context" collective, for your enjoyment and hopefully to get some feed back.

The music here is of all kind's of styles from mashup pop to drone. So please keep a open mind and if your not into one artist please dont be put off.

Theres no track order so its been posted up randomly.

Audio Savant - the drouth dirge

audio savant - the drouth dirge.mp3 - 3.38MB

Flamable Tramps - my eyes went wide

flamable tramps - my eyes went wide.mp3 - 3.85MB

Brine - pins

brine - pins broken beat attempt.mp3 - 5.34MB

OHS000 - sunday mashup

ohs000 - sunday mashup.mp3 - 2.76MB

Table 8 - the last week

table 8 - the last week.mp3 - 6.23MB

Flamable tramps - f.f.k

flamable tramps - f.f.k full version .mp3 - 2.88MB

Brine - scotsmen in big jackets

brine - scotsmen in big jackets.mp3 - 2.07MB

Table 8 - guilty thursday

table 8 - guilty thursday.mp3 - 2.77MB

Unholy Bastard - she grinds her teath in her sleap

unholy bastard - shes grinds her teath in her sleap.mp3 - 2.16MB

Brine - tiger on the lamb

brine - tiger on the lamb grime attempt .mp3 - 6.38MB

We are all just starting out and realy dont have a scooby.

We are also thinking about putting up a occasional mix/radio show mp3 for download. Dunno if the forum mod's allow that or not. If not could they sujest another method of getting our music out along with music that inspired us.



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Just a bunch of bed room producers with too much time on our hands. Who live and work all over the city.

Table 8 lives in Dyce works for a petrol firm and has asperations to rid his flat of a rather nasty smell.

Dunno what Audio Savant does during the day but can usualy be found on xbl after 12, think he lives on george st with Flamable Tramps but their not together, but we suspect they occasionaly hold hands walking home after the pub.

None of us can play any instruments but love good music and this is our attempts.

does that help at all?

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