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Eating Coach


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Only in America...

"A representative for Mary-Kate Olsen has slammed reports she has relapsed in her battle with anorexia after an appearance at a Golden Globe Awards after party last week. The 20-year-old star stunned onlookers by wearing a low-cut dress, which exposed her alarmingly-thin frame. Olsen received treatment for anorexia in 2004 and hired an eating coach to help her with her weight issues. A source tells American publication Us Weekly, "It's an everyday struggle. It's not something that goes away. She still works with her therapist to keep her in line."

...what next ???...a "Shiteing Coach" - helping the Hollywood Turtles Head make an appearance ???

What empty, empty lives these "Stars" must lead.

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She's got an eating disorder which is a pyschological problem, I would imagine an eating coach is nothing more than an eating disorder therapist. Classic example of dumbing down language so the American public can understand it, much like an optican being called an eye doctor or a guide dog being called a seeing eye dog. Some of the stuff that they come up with is just fucking baby talk.

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