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dirty hearts club this week - PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS / GIANT PANDA - 10pm

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hey peeps

this week and for the second week in a row, the DHC in association with Wax have something a little bit different for you to enjoy on thursday at snafu!


Los Angeles residents Michael Turner (Double K) and Christopher Portugal (Thes One) came together as People Under The Stairs in the mid-1990s , through a common love of record digging, making beats and the classic hip hop sound of The Beatnuts and Freestyle Fellowship.

Thes One and Double K worked together making music and soon had a completed debut in the shape of 'The Next Step'. Released in 1998 the album was an unexpected success, especially in the UK, securing the duo a record deal and several overseas tours.

After performing across the globe, Thes One and Double K returned to the studio and came out with another classic 'Question in the Form of an Answer' in 2000. By this time their jazz, funk, rock and soul inspired albums, infamous vinyl collections and energetic live shows had gained them acclaim all over the world, from America and Europe to Australia and Japan.

In 2002 they released O.S.T. - confirming their position as masters of the art in the hip hop scene. An EP '...Or Stay Tuned' quickly followed the year after.

Four years since their last full-length release, People Under The Stairs returned with another breath of fresh air in full drum-banging, chorus-shouting, feel-good musical form with their long awaited album 'Stepfather'.Which was Released in April 2006.


Long story short. Maan meets New in the 4th grade. Comics and Yo!MTV Raps bond two young kids. Kids grow up. New moves to Cali for college. New meets Chikaramanga. They make rap music. Maan in Seattle making rap music with brother Kado. Old friends decided to make rap music with new friends from Cali. Group breaks up. Maan, New, and Chikara make new group with help from Kado and DJ Superbrush. They call group Giant Panda. Superbrush goes to Minnesota for school. Kado wants to paint and help kids. Maan, New, and Chikara stay Giant. Make album called Fly School Reunion with their friend Thes One. You buy it now


Anyway, just come and see for your good selves!

DHC DJS to follow till 2am



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One-Up have sold out their first batch, however some more were delivered this morning. Tickets can still be bought online using the code-entry system. Go for a Box Office collection and show your email receipt on the night.

Tickets will be more on the door, so save yourselves at least 15 - 20% by buying in advance.

Should be a good een!

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