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All Female band - loads of interest but still need lead guitar !!???


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Hi there............... loads of interest but just to update you..............

I'm setting up an all Female band. We already have keys and one singer but we're looking for a front line of three or four singers (got 2)and ofcourse lead guitar, bass (might have 1) and drummer - although I'm not holding my breath with finding a female drummer but you never know there may be one out there !! (Blimey - we have one !!)

You wont be expected to pay out for any practice room costs as I am financing all costs myself.

We're looking to use a wide range of styles, Lucy Sylvas, Robbie Williams, Aretha Franklin, Tom Jones, KT Tunstall, Christina Aguilera, James Blunt, Stevie Wonder, 80's and 90's classics - anything with good scope for excellent harmony and powerful vocals.

Interested? We could take Aberdeen by storm !! I've already run a successfull band like this in the Midlands a few years ago but had to relocate here with work in 2003.

So come on ......................... Females - lets show them what we can do.

Fingers crossed !!

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