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WANTED frontman


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Still required by busy rock cover band with plenty of bookings. Age not too important .......as long as you are old enough to get the beers in!!!!!!

Influences; Hendrix, Zepplin, Purple,Aerosmith,acdc,Stones,green day,Blackfoot,velvet revolver..........and just about everything in between.

Attitude & presence essential.

Cmon guys, dont be shy!!!!!!!

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Set list

Hi there,

I'm 25 and have fronted two bands in my time. I've been looking for a second band to join for a while but haven't found the right one yet. I've been singing and playing guitar for 10 years and gigging for three. I'm into the sort of music you mentioned above have all my own equipment (1500watt PA system, Keyboard, 7 guitars, and use a Marshal Mode 4 amp and cab). I also have my own transport.

Can you forward me your set list and a little bit of details on the band ie how many folk are in the band, your ages, what your looking for etc.

If I get the set list and I like what your planning on playing then hopefully we can arrange an audition to see what you think of my vocals.

Please send your set list to doctor_green_thumb1@hotmail.com



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