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    I'm really looking for a guitar position with backing vocals but send me your set list and I'll give it some thought. My email address is above.
  2. ARM


    I am a guitarist lead/rhythm looking for a band to join/form. I have been playing guitar for ten years and singing for five. Have plenty of band experience (fronting) but really looking to do some lead/rhythm guitar and backing vocals. My influences are huge but for the sake of it, Iron Maiden, Guns n roses, Thin lizzy, Avenge seven Fold, Gary Moore, Boston, Areosmith, DragonForce, Trivium, Queen, Metallica, red hot chillis, Led Zeplin etc etc etc etc. I'm basically up for playing any quality songs in a cover band or writing original material. I have original material written by myself that can be used. I am a singer songwriter but love my old school rock. Anyway if there's anyone out there thats interested in a guitarst backing vocalist let me know. I'd prefer to take a step back from the spotlight but would concider another frontman position if the band is right. I'm 27 live in Aberdeen Have my own equipment and transport. I use a BCrich Neck Thru Series with Marshall Mode Four 400watt cab. I have a PA system aswell if needed. Contact me at adam.mckay@hotmail.co.uk
  3. Hi there, I'm a singer/Guitarist capable of both rhythm and lead work. I've been playing and singin for ten years and am looking for a second band as my first band are struggling to find a bass player that's up to the task. I'm into Old school Rock mainly Maiden, Led Zep, Kiss etc but I'm also into my Metal Trivium, Bullet for my valentine, System of a down etc nothing too Heavy though. If you could send me your set list to doctor_green_thumb1@hotmail.com I'll have a look through the songs your planning to play and see if I'm interested. If I like your set list we can arrange a jam and see what you think about my vocals and guitar work. Cheers Adam
  4. ARM

    WANTED frontman

    Set list Hi there, I'm 25 and have fronted two bands in my time. I've been looking for a second band to join for a while but haven't found the right one yet. I've been singing and playing guitar for 10 years and gigging for three. I'm into the sort of music you mentioned above have all my own equipment (1500watt PA system, Keyboard, 7 guitars, and use a Marshal Mode 4 amp and cab). I also have my own transport. Can you forward me your set list and a little bit of details on the band ie how many folk are in the band, your ages, what your looking for etc. If I get the set list and I like what your planning on playing then hopefully we can arrange an audition to see what you think of my vocals. Please send your set list to doctor_green_thumb1@hotmail.com Cheers Adam:headbang:
  5. ARM

    Bassist Required

    Bass player needed to complete original Rock Band. We are looking for a bass player that is into music from the likes of Iron Maiden, Metallica and Trivium. At the moment we are only playing a few covers as we are concentrating on our own material of which we have 6 completed songs. We are looking for a bassist that will be able to write their own bass lines over these songs and sing backing vocals aswell. If you want to find out more send me an email at doctor_green_thumb1@hotmail.com Cheers
  6. Hello all bass players out there, My band is looking for a compotent bass player with a good musical back ground and the ability to sing and play after the consuming ten pints of poison. We are currently working on the first album and have already written 6 quality tunes (in my humble opinion). We also play covers from the likes of Velvet Revolver, Rage Against the Machine, Iron Maiden, Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine, Metallica and Black Sabbath to name a few. All curent band members are aged between 21 and 26. The three members so far consist of two lead guitarists and lead vocals and a drummer. We need a fourth person to complete the line up and we would expect them to deal with a lot of backing vocals and the odd screaming section aswell. If you are unable to play songs from the likes of Metallica, Trivium and Iron Maiden while singing don't bother emailing me. If on the other hand you can rock with the best of them and want to audition for us send me an email at doctor_green_thumb1@hotmail.com or leave me a message here.
  7. Fit like, My band is looking for a bass player at the moment but we need someone that can sing backing vocals. Preferable someone with a bit of grit to their voice. We play a wide range of music from the likes of Metalica, Iron Maiden, Trivium, Bullet for my valentine. We're also worknig on our own material which we have five songs finished and two works in progress. If your interested in meeting up for a jam give me a shout at doctor_green_thumb1@hotmail.com Later Adam
  8. Forgot to say although we take our own music seriously it's got to be fun cause that's what rockin is all about
  9. Well hello there, If you fancy joing an already formed band then I'm your man. We play a range of covers from Metallica, velvet revolver, trivium, rage against the machine, Bullet for my valentine, black Sabath and Iron Maiden. We also play some softer covers from Thin Lizzy, Dire Straights, Jimmy eats the world, Darkness and Lynard Skynnard. This being said we have five songs written on our own and are currently working on a further two. We want to concentrate on our own material which is a nice blend of old school rock, thrash and nu metal but with cracking melodies all at the same time. We have just recently got a new drummer who is quickley getting up to speed with the set. There are two Lead\rythm guitarists in the band who have played together for over ten years. We are all roughly 25 years of age and if you can sing backing and play bass at the same time then we'd love to have a jam with you a take it from there. If your interested please contact me at doctor_green_thumb1@hotmail.com Rock on Adam
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