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its a while away i know but no harm in getting the word out early... :)

GATECHIEN - post punk bass/drums duo from Bordeaux return to the uk, and aberdeen, for the 3rd time, having just released their new album 'Trois', on Keben Records

some of you may have seen them at The Tunnels Oct last year with Thomas Truax, Le Reno Amps & Elephant Micah...fantastic gig all round!! great live band, very entertaining!

for those of who who didnt, here's some info and links to all you need to know/hear... for fans of Jesus Lizard/Fugazi/Nirvana/Shellac..

"Gtechien's music is raw, stark and harshly compelling. Bassist/singer Laurent Paradot torturously carves out leads while spewing agonized grunts, groans and syllables that don't sound like words in any language, or occasionally humming along with his own bass parts. Drummer Florian Belaud's complex beats make up in energy for what they sometimes lack in precision; he and Paradot have enough rapport that a third band member would be unnecessary. The songs are disjointed in structure but flow intriguingly from one dark melody to another. If they were more polished or polite, Gtechien might be just another math-rock band, noteworthy only for their lack of guitar - but the brutal vocal antics alone would keep them from putting anyone to sleep. For an overall impression of Gtechien, a bad translation of one opinion about the duo is quite apt: "This group is likely to put a good slap to you". " Splendidezine (USA)


touring with them are LE SINGE BLANC (The White Monkey) from Metz, North East France...2 bass guitars and a drummer. and a voice, or rather, weird and wonderful gurglings! with influences listed as Joy Division, The Ex, Can, Sonic Youth, The Jesus Lizard, Devo, B-52's, The Residents, Shellac, Zu, Fugazi it makes for very interesting listening.


other acts to be announced soon





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